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In the digital era, technology has revolutionized precinct operations.  Software and communication platforms have emerged as powerful tools for connecting with members, enabling instant communication, facilitating the exchange of information, and being proactive in the safety and security of public spaces.

In the realm of disaster management, as seen during the pandemic, floods, and riots, technology plays a vital role in proactive planning, reaction, and efficient resource allocation as and when required.

“As a forward-thinking precinct, the Bridge City Management Association (CIBEMA) has embraced the advances in technology incorporating elements into digital platforms, internal management software, and security systems, namely the installation of CCTV and Number Plate Recognition (NPR) cameras. We understand the importance of evolving and using technology and Artificial intelligence (AI) as a competitive advantage in our precincts not only for security and communication but efficiency in our day-to-day operations. Tracking fault reports is now run on a central Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that alerts our team and tracks each step in the process. The development and introduction of our advanced precinct management tool, powered by Salesforce, marks a significant leap forward in precinct management. This innovative platform integrates functions across all our units including Operations, Communications, Governance, Finance, and Development Control, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiency. Once fully developed and implemented, it will allow us to make more informed decisions, respond more swiftly to issues, and ensure more effective and transparent Governance. The adoption of technology in precinct management opens the door to unprecedented levels of visibility, control, and adaptability, enabling us to deliver an elevated level of service to our community. Ultimately, this modern approach paves the way for a safer, more responsive, and more sustainable precinct management system”, explained Jarrod Evans, Head of Northern Operations at UrbanMGT.

By managing our stakeholder data effectively, our future focus is to personalise member experiences, provide better customer service and improve forecasting. Watch this space.

“We have embraced the use of technology in improving our day-to-day operations and the competitive advantage it provides us as precinct managers. It’s a powerful tool for addressing community challenges across various domains, as we can see with our satellite communication solution which became evidently needed during the 2022 floods when communication was very limited or completely lost in certain precincts”, explained Nwabisa Mkhize, Head of Southern Operations at UrbanMGT.

By enhancing communication, empowering community engagement, bridging geographical barriers, and addressing challenges, technology holds the key to creating stronger, more connected, and resilient precincts. As technology advances, it is imperative that we continue to embrace its benefits, ensuring a harmonious integration that serves the collective well-being.

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