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Sprucing up Bridge City: BCMA’s transformative green and clean efforts!

At Bridge City Management Association (BCMA), we are dedicated to maintaining a clean, green, and vibrant environment for our community. Over the past two weeks, our BCMA cleaning and greening team has been hard at work, ensuring our precinct remains beautiful and well-maintained.

Garden and Retaining Wall Maintenance

In the past two weeks, our team focused on the gardens and retaining walls throughout the precinct. By carefully tending to these areas, they ensure that our green spaces are thriving and visually appealing. The attention to detail in maintaining the retaining walls helps preserve the structural integrity and aesthetic charm of our community.

Kerb and Manhole Edging

Additionally, the team diligently worked on edging kerbs and paying special attention to the areas around manholes and other critical spots. This meticulous effort not only enhances the overall look of our precinct but also contributes to the safety and accessibility of our walkways and roads.

Ongoing Scheduled Tasks

Throughout these weeks, our BCMA cleaning and greening team consistently tackled various scheduled tasks, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to keeping Bridge City pristine. Their hard work and dedication play a crucial role in maintaining the high standards of our community spaces.

Till next week!

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