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Collective efforts for a well-maintained Bridge City

At Bridge City Management Association (BCMA), we are dedicated to maintaining a pristine and welcoming environment for our community. Over the past two weeks, our collective efforts have significantly enhanced the aesthetic and functional appeal of our precinct.

Greening updates

Green Africa, our dedicated cleaning and greening team, has been diligently working on their scheduled tasks. This week, they successfully completed the verge maintenance within the town centre area. This essential work ensures that the verges are neat and well-kept, contributing to the overall tidiness of our precinct.

In addition to verge maintenance, Green Africa also focused on the garden along the magistrate’s court. The team removed weeds and dead plants, revitalising the garden and enhancing its appearance. These efforts not only improve the visual appeal but also promote a healthier environment for the plants to thrive.

Municipal Grass Cutting Progress

Our maintenance efforts were further bolstered by the municipal grass cutting service provider. The team has been working tirelessly, completing three sites during the week. Given that some areas had not been cut for over two years, the task was particularly challenging. However, their steady progress is commendable, and their dedication is evident as they also pick up litter uncovered during the grass cutting process.

Collective Impact

The combined efforts of Green Africa and the municipal grass cutting team highlight our commitment to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and greenery in Bridge City. These initiatives not only enhance the visual appeal of our precinct but also ensure a safer and more pleasant environment for residents, visitors, and businesses.

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of all teams involved in these maintenance activities.

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