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Urban Management / Management Association

New Branded Uniforms For Green Africa Staff

The Green Africa Landscaping team will now be seen in and around Bridge City wearing the newly branded uniforms. The uniforms now include the Bridge City logo. Pictured here is the Green Africa Landscaping team proudly showing off their new attire.

More Maintenance In Bridge City

The Green Africa Landscaping team have removed weeds that have grown out on one of the Bridge City sites. The area is so much neater and tidier, well done to the Green Africa team who successfully carried out this task. After image of area free of weeds

Road Sign and Concrete Bollard Repaired

Green Africa’s handyman has successfully repaired a damaged road sign and damaged concrete bollard in Bridge City last month. The damages occurred as a result of delivery truck accidents. The road sign is located at the intersection of Bridge City Boulevard and Nkunzana Road and the concrete bollard that was repaired is located at Indlanzi…

Magistrate Court Aristada Plants Maintained

The Green Africa team maintained the overgrown Aristada plants outside the Bridge City Magistrates Court in August. The task was carried out over two days and the area is looking great and much neater now. Image of the Aristada plants before cutting and maintenance 

Grass Cutting In Bridge City

The Green Africa Landscaping team cut the grass along the fence line on the corner of Nkunzana Road and Bridge City Boulevard in September. The area is looking much neater. The BCMA strives to keep a clean and tidy environment and the Green Africa team continues to work hard to achieve that. Image of the…

Storm Water Drain Cover Repaired

The damaged storm water drain cover on the corner of Bhejane Road and Nkunzana Street has now been repaired. The BCMA sends out a weekly report to the eThekwini Municipality who then dispatches teams to attend to the various issues brought up. The BCMA continues to work hard together with the eTM to make sure…

North Regional Business Fair

The North Regional Business Fair 2018 took place from the 17th – 19th of August 2018 at the Bridge City Shopping Centre. This year the event marked two decades with the celebration tagline being CELEBRATING 20 MORE YEARS – ‘Rural & Township Economic Revitalization’ – this indicates that the Durban Business Fair has been in existence for 20…

Assisted By The Metro Police

On Monday the 20th of August 2018, Metro Police assisted the BCMA by removing crowds gathered in front of the Ntuzuma Court, who where blocking access to Bhejane Road.

Spatial Development Model Prioritises The Human Element

The Bridge City precinct-based development, is providing an interesting perspective on how land can be developed in South Africa’s urban areas (and particularly those areas situated within historically marginalised locations) to serve the needs of diverse local communities. Read more in the Tongaat Huletts Developments  issued press release here.

Grass Cut In Various Areas Of Bridge City

Bridge City is looking especially neat and tidy after grass cutting projects took place across various areas within Bridge City in July. The Iqola Road verge, the Bester and M25 bank were the areas that received the care and attention from cleaning and greening contractor, Green Africa. The projects’ duration ranged from one to three…