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Urban Management / Management Association

Encouraging activity in and around Bridge City

It has been a positive week in Bridge City as construction of internal roads in the town centre continues at a steady pace. The outline of the roads is now visible and the project is scheduled to take approximately 9 months. Earthworks on the development of Ptn 131 is going well.    On the cleaning,…

Collective efforts in keeping Bridge City looking great

Thank you to the eTM Wastewater Department who was on site last week Friday inspecting sewer lines. Three of which were blocked and subsequently jetted.    The Green Africa team completed grass cutting of the open stands in the Bridge City town centre area that began last week. The cutting was completed in record time,…

Poster management and why it’s needed in Bridge City

In many businesses, posters are seen as an integral part of advertising to help it grow. But often too many unregulated or illegal posters or advertising placed incorrectly can lead to an urban space looking shabby and uncared for. BCMA precinct manager Hloniphani Mpanza tells us about the BCMA’s poster management system that ensures posters…

Durban destinations set the scene for a successful Easter weekend

An eThekwini Municipality (eTM) newsflash from the 8th of April shows that approximately 45 000 visitors arrived in Durban over the Easter break and hotel occupancy rates peaked at an average of 60 percent. Direct spending boosted the local economy by an estimated R60 million, and GDP contribution was around R150 million, with a total…

eTM focus efforts on areas needing attention in Bridge City

Last week various eTM departments were in Bridge City attending to faults reported by the Management Association. Streetlights were a high priority since the hard lockdown last year. eTM’s Electrical Department deployed three trucks to repair faulty streetlights, focusing on ensuring badly lit areas were now sufficiently lit up. In the coming weeks, the team…

Theft of Point of Sale machines is on the rise

Criminal activity involving the theft of Point of Sale machines is on the rise in the area. Be vigilant and don’t leave devices unattended when in use. The relevant authorities have been alerted and are helping put a stop to the issue. Report suspicious activity to the BCMA hotline 087 150 3928. 

New timed parking signage a start to curb illegal parking

eTM has installed timed parking signage in Bridge City. This is a welcomed intervention following several engagements on illegal parking issues along Nogwaja Road. Installation of signage and timed parking meters will require active enforcement by Metro Police and we’ll hopefully see a noticeable decrease in illegal parking once the installations are complete. Last week…

The Bridge City MA is now on Facebook

We are delighted to report that the Bridge City Management Association now has a Facebook Page! Follow and like the page here for latest Bridge City news, updates, and community-related stories. We look forward to seeing you on Facebook.