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10 reasons to invest in South Africa

In October last year the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa together with Invest SA released a document outlining the country’s abundant investment and trading opportunities. Over the next few months, we’ll share the opportunities per sector starting with 10 reasons to invest. Vibrant emerging market Africa’s most developed economy Largest presence of multi-national…

Championing the future

Dear members  While the traumatic events of the past month slowly make their way into the annals of history, we are left with the question – where to from here?   According to SAPOA, July’s civil unrest will have a R20billion impact on KZN’s GDP and a R50billion impact on the national GDP.  Additionally, over 40 000 businesses and 55 000 informal traders were adversely affected, and it is estimated…

Back-to-basics for the Bridge City MA

The Bridge City MA team understands the importance of paying attention to the finer details when it comes to public space management. Over the past few weeks, our operational Cleaning, Greening, and Maintenance teams have been busy attending to a ‘back-to-basics’ drive in the precinct. An in-depth audit of the precinct has been conducted, which…


To upgrade ageing infrastructure that affects the efficient supply of water and the treatment of sewage effluent, eThekwini Municipality will introduce an infrastructure levy effective from 1 July. This levy was approved at a Full Council meeting held on 27 May. The infrastructure levy will be charged at an additional R1. 50/Kl for water and…

Fines For Illegal Parking

Metro police continue to fine those who park on Nogwaja Street illegally, in attempts to encourage parking only in allocated areas.

Updated eTM Contact List

For your information and convenience, please find herein an updated contact list issued by the eThekweni Municipality for their various departments. eThekweni Municipality Contact ListDownload

Verge Maintenance Is Necessary

The aim of the verge maintenance is to keep the main entrance & exit points of Bridge City clean and tidy. Cleaning and Greening team Green Africa did a great job in clearing up the on and off ramp verges in the area.

Bhejane Road Verge Levelled

In July, BCMA contractor Green Africa carried out a range of Cleaning and Greening projects in the area. One of the projects included levelling the verge over a two-day period on Bhejane Road. After some much needed attention, the area is looking much neater after the levelling.