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Grass cutting and verge maintenance continues in our precinct

The open stand grass cutting continued this week with the Green Africa team cutting in the business estate, Ptn 148 of Erf 8. The team also continued other scheduled work throughout the precinct, including verge maintenance and street sweeping, which the municipal deployed street sweepers greatly assist in.   Pictured above: Before and after sweeping…

Positive progress on construction within our precinct

Construction in Bridge City is well underway with positive progress being made. We are grateful that the the traffic lights at the corner of Nogwaja Street and Bhejane Street near the hospital entrance have begun operating as a means of traffic calming in the area which is anticipated to see increased traffic volumes as the…

The Ballito PRO is back and it’s time to get excited

Not everyone likes surfing, but this year’s Ballito PRO, taking place at Willard’s Beach from 29 June to 10 July, is significant to all KwaZulu-Natal residents demonstrating that the province is well on its way to recovery following two testing years. In its 53rd year and presented by O’Neill, the world’s longest-running surfing event as…

Spotlight on South Africa’s services sector

In March’s Insights we highlighted South Africa’s manufacturing sector and where the investment opportunities area. This month we turn our attention to the services sector and what opportunities it currently presents. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Infrastructure damage assessments underway in Bridge City following heavy rains

The Bridge City MA management team is on the ground in the precinct assessing the level of damage caused by heavy rains over the past five days. This assessment will include any infrastructural damage sustained to public space infrastructure with the full report proactively sent to eThekwini Municipality to be repaired. “We are committed to…

Verge along Bridge City Boulevard gets a trim

The Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) cleaning and greening team had a productive week maintaining the verge long Bridge City Boulevard while also trimming trees along Nogwaja Street. This ongoing work makes a big difference in ensuring Bridge City looks well-maintained and cared for. Trees along Nogwaja street were also trimmed

10 reasons to invest in South Africa

In October last year the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa together with Invest SA released a document outlining the country’s abundant investment and trading opportunities. Over the next few months, we’ll share the opportunities per sector starting with 10 reasons to invest. Vibrant emerging market Africa’s most developed economy Largest presence of multi-national…

Championing the future

Dear members  While the traumatic events of the past month slowly make their way into the annals of history, we are left with the question – where to from here?   According to SAPOA, July’s civil unrest will have a R20billion impact on KZN’s GDP and a R50billion impact on the national GDP.  Additionally, over 40 000 businesses and 55 000 informal traders were adversely affected, and it is estimated…

Back-to-basics for the Bridge City MA

The Bridge City MA team understands the importance of paying attention to the finer details when it comes to public space management. Over the past few weeks, our operational Cleaning, Greening, and Maintenance teams have been busy attending to a ‘back-to-basics’ drive in the precinct. An in-depth audit of the precinct has been conducted, which…