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Ethekwini development and economic committee decisions press release

eThekwini Economic Development and Planning Committee Decisions

In a positive move by the eThekwini Municipality to “…restore investor confidence…. To retain business and attract more investment to the City”, a Precinct Management Initiative has been approved by the Municipal Economic Development and Planning Committee for full approval by the Municipal Council. This includes an approved R1.8 million grant over three years allocated…

Public Hospital scheduled for completion

Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial hospital is due for completion in 2019. The the level 2 public hospital located at Bridge City Mall, is a 500-bed Memorial Hospital which is aimed at alleviating the pressure on surrounding hospitals. The Public hospital is a huge asset to the Bridge City area and will benefit the…

Faded Road marking’s repainted

eThekweni Transport Authority have been busy on the roads of Bridge City recently. A team was sent out to attend to the faded paint with the repainting of the Red lines on Nogwaja Road and the other road markings along Bridge City Boulevard. The job continues to be a work in progress due to the…

Verges Maintained

Effective 01 October 2017, the BCMA has extended the cleaning and landscaping services to cover the M25 On and Off ramps and maintenance of verges on the lower platform. Green Africa, is the BCMA appointed landscaping, cleaning and maintenance company and it is with their help that this Urban Space is kept clean and tidy.

18 July is Mandela Day

“ It is in your hands to make the world a better place “ Nelson Mandela 18 July calls for the people of South Africa to celebrate Tata Madiba’s legacy  and life by taking up 67 minutes of your day to help those in need. We would love to share  what you are doing whether…

Bridge City MA Clean-Up For Mayoral Visit

In preparation for the Mayoral Committee and Finance Minister visit to Bridge City on 2nd May 2017, the Bridge City Management Association oversaw a blitz clean of the M25, the on and off ramps and main entrance points into the area. Below are some before and after images of this work.    

Creating A Walkable City

The eThekwini Municipality’s is in the process of laying out plans to deliver on the 2040 vision for Durban, which focuses on the Beachfront (including Blue Lagoon), the Point development, CBD, Greyville, Warrick and the Harbour. These plans focus on creating a “walkable” city, captured in this IOL article in which Phillip Sithole, acting deputy city manager…

Municipal Contact Details

This week the eThekwini Municipality released a list of useful contact details for various departments at the municipality. View the list here.

Punitive Rates Penalties For Vacant Properties

As part of efforts to tackle abandoned/derelict buildings that are not attended to by  oners and that degrade roads and precincts, the eThekwini Municipality has begun a process of implementing punitive rates penalties for these properties. If deemed non-compliant, the buildings’ category is changed to Abandoned, Unauthorised or Illegal Development / Use, at which point…

Precinct Management in KZN Provincial Growth Plan

Urban / Precinct Management (UIP/MA) is gaining traction at a provincial level as expressed in this Mercury newspaper article.  Capturing a session hosted by SAPOA, the KZN Deputy Director General for Planning was presented the Provincial Growth Plan, in which repeated reference was made to the success of Municipal / Private Sector precinct management structures (UIP/MA)…