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eThekwini Municipality

Traffic Lights Powered Up In Bridge City

Traffic lights were recently installed at corner of Bridge City Boulevard and Nkunzana Road. The eThekwini Traffic Association (ETA) and Traffic Signals powered the lights up on the morning of  Wednesday the 28th of November 2018.

Bridge City Gets New Road Signs

eThekwini Municipality (eTM) has positively responded to the Bridge City Management Associations (BCMA) request to change the faded road signs in the node. About 31 signs had been replaced throughout the node over the course of approximately a week. The signs look much better now and add to the appeal of the area as well.…

Road Markings Being Repainted

Over the past few days, faded road markings at the corner of Nogwaja Road and Bhejane Street in Bridge City are in the process of being repainted by the eThekwini Municipality (eTM). The repainting has made a noticeable difference in the area and will also assist in the safety of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Preventative Measures Taken At Bridge City

A recurring problem in Bridge City has been a stormwater drain and cover located at Nogwaja Road that is constantly damaged by trucks almost every week. After damages are reported the eThekwini Municipality (eTM) would fix and it would be damaged quite soon after. On Friday, the 21st of September 2018, the municipality fixed the…

Storm Water Drain Cover Repaired

The damaged storm water drain cover on the corner of Bhejane Road and Nkunzana Street has now been repaired. The BCMA sends out a weekly report to the eThekwini Municipality who then dispatches teams to attend to the various issues brought up. The BCMA continues to work hard together with the eTM to make sure…

Multiple Drain Cover Repairs Completed

Over the past three months, eThekwini Municipality (eTM) have repaired, replaced and resolved numerous storm water drain and sewer manhole cover issues. The covers are usually damaged by trucks that park on the sidewalks. Repairs and replacements were specifically carried out in Bridge City Boulevard and Nogwaja Road. The repairs make a huge difference and…

Ten Out Of Thirteen Security Cameras Fully Operational At Bridge City

Ten out of the thirteen cameras to be installed at Bridge City, have now been successfully fitted and are fully operational. Just three more cameras to go before the project is completed. The security cameras are being monitored 24/7 from the control room within the Bridge City Mall, which will allow for proactive guarding and…

New Traffic Lights At Busy Intersection In Bridge City

Bridge City is in the process of getting 18 new traffic lights installed at one of the busiest intersections in the area. Traffic Signal Accessories, an eThekwini Transport Authority (eTA) appointed contractor have installed the traffic lights at the intersection of Bridge City Boulevard and Nkunzana Road – along the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) route.…

Keeping Things Bright At Bridge City

The Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) and eThekwini Municipality have been working hard to keep Bridge City well-lit, by attending to a number of street light repair and maintenance issues. This work is ongoing and sees the BCMA guards carrying out weekly streetlight checks, reporting problems to the municipality and following up on the repair…

eTM Continues With Road Marking Upgrades

The eThekwini Municipality Roads Department continues with the repainting of faded road markings in the area. With just over 75% of the work now complete, we look forward to fresh looking roads that help with the management of traffic and pedestrian safety. Bridge City’s worn road markings posed a danger to vehicles and pedestrians