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Clean and Maintained

Litter picking along iQuola Road

Green Africa had a productive October with the collection of 420 litter bags, a lower number than in previous months which is a good sign. The team has also carried out a clean and litter pick along iQola Road (where the BRT route runs in a bid) to avoid further decay and the build-up of…

Why is cleaning, greening, and maintenance at the heart of what we do?

You may have seen our consistent social posts or newsflashes about cleaning, greening, and maintenance (what we like to term CGM) work and projects done in our precinct. So why do we place such emphasis on these tasks? We at the Bridge City MA believe in getting the small things done right to be able…

Maintenance around the precinct is going well

Last week Green Africa had a packed week which saw teams finishing up composting of the flower beds and regular scheduled maintenance around the precinct. The team assisted with reinstating the paving at the corner of Bridge City Blvd and Bhejane Street as it was a short turnaround job. The paving had been uplifted when…

Using surveys to optimize communication and service offerings in the precinct

We at the Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) recognize the potential a short survey can provide when it comes to understanding the interaction between an individual and their experience with the Bridge City precinct. Taking a few minutes to fill out our surveys goes a long way in allowing us to better tailor our service…

Composting Bridge City’s gardens and flower beds

Green Africa received a delivery of some much-needed compost last week, for the precinct flower beds and gardens. This is in anticipation of the upcoming rainy season and to keep our plants looking green and lush and to provide essential nutrients for the plants and soil to thrive!

Pruning our gardens for the Summer rains

We have had a good week of pruning in our precinct, reading our flower beds and center medians for the Summer rains. The team also carried out some alterations to our gardens, replacing soil & adding Dietes Grandiflora.  

Work in action

Green Africa tidying up our verges and walkways. A positive difference. Grass cutting before and after.