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Litter picking along iQuola Road

Green Africa had a productive October with the collection of 420 litter bags, a lower number than in previous months which is a good sign. The team has also carried out a clean and litter pick along iQola Road (where the BRT route runs in a bid) to avoid further decay and the build-up of…

Cleaning drains and gabion beds in Bridge City

Green Africa attended to cleaning drains and water channels running at the back of the NJR and Planet Care buildings as part of the precinct’s attempt to keep litter out of the stormwater inlets and outlets, the team was also carrying out the gabion bed litter clean up.

Why is cleaning, greening, and maintenance at the heart of what we do?

You may have seen our consistent social posts or newsflashes about cleaning, greening, and maintenance (what we like to term CGM) work and projects done in our precinct. So why do we place such emphasis on these tasks? We at the Bridge City MA believe in getting the small things done right to be able…

Paving reinstated at BC Blvd

The Green Africa team completed the reinstatement of a portion of paving that was previously removed at the Corner of Bridge City Boulevard. Once again the team will follow the verge maintenance schedule after completing the installation of compost throughout the precinct. Weed spraying and verge weeding will take place by hand in the coming…

The Bridge City Management Association – Annual Perception Survey 2022

The Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) wants to ensure that the work done to manage public space in the area reflects the needs of our stakeholders and all users. Please take our short survey to help us improve your experience of Bridge City to ensure it remains a world-class, thriving precinct. We appreciate your time…

Maintenance around the precinct is going well

Last week Green Africa had a packed week which saw teams finishing up composting of the flower beds and regular scheduled maintenance around the precinct. The team assisted with reinstating the paving at the corner of Bridge City Blvd and Bhejane Street as it was a short turnaround job. The paving had been uplifted when…

Using surveys to optimize communication and service offerings in the precinct

We at the Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) recognize the potential a short survey can provide when it comes to understanding the interaction between an individual and their experience with the Bridge City precinct. Taking a few minutes to fill out our surveys goes a long way in allowing us to better tailor our service…

Painting robots with road marking to follow

Last week a municipally deployed contractor was on site in the precinct to paint the robot at the intersection of Bridge City Boulevard and Nkunzana Street. This process will continue up to the intersection at Bridge City Boulevard and Besters interchange before they begin the road marking throughout the remainder of the month.