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Bridge City Businesses / Bridge City Mall

Work in action

Green Africa tidying up our verges and walkways. A positive difference. Grass cutting before and after.

Bhejane and Nkunzana Street looking great

Green Africa continues with maintenance around the precinct, this week saw the team carry out some work removing weeds on the corner of Bhejane and Nkunzana Street, which looks neat now that the work is complete. The team continued with the grass cutting on the open stands which should be completed in the upcoming week.

Mowing the open stands

The Green Africa team has begun the mowing of the open stands in the town centre area which they should complete in the coming weeks.

Understanding the snakes in our grass

During the summer months snake sightings in KwaZulu-Natal’s urban and suburban areas are common so it’s important to understand these misunderstood creatures and what to do if you come across one. Snakes are generally defensive reptiles so when distressed normally slither away. However, they will strike if they feel cornered. What to do if you…

Welcome to the Spice Shop

We are delighted to see a few businesses impacted by the civil unrest earlier this year slowly returning to trade. This week, the Spice Shop at the Imbali Props building opened its doors for trading again and this contributed to some increased foot traffic in the precinct. Welcome back!


The City’s COVID-19 Debt Relief programme, which has thus far, assisted many customers with settling their municipal debt is still in place. However, customers are reminded that the programme will come to an end on 31 December 2021. Customers are therefore strongly urged to take advantage of the opportunity. The City proactively implemented the COVID-19…

Rate our newsfeed!

The Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) newly introduced ‘rate our newsfeed’ snap surveys will allow readers and stakeholders to rate content on our latest newsfeed and the general Bridge City experience. Feedback will enable the BCMA to streamline content according to their needs. “The surveys will encourage two-way communication between the BCMA and our stakeholders…