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CCTV On Its Way To Bridge City

A CCTV system is in the process of being installed in Bridge City, complete with on-site monitoring. The installation of the first cameras has begun and they are expected to be fully operational by mid-April. “The CCTV system will make a significant difference to our ability to pro-actively respond to public safety and crime management,”…

Maintenance Continues In Bridge City

The maintenance of Bridge City continues, with collective effort and constant attention. Helping the management association deliver is Green Africa, whose service delivery includes the daily removal of litter and sweeping of roads and pavements; grass cutting and verge maintenance, as well as fixing damaged road signs. If you see something in public space you…

eTM Continues With Road Marking Upgrades

The eThekwini Municipality Roads Department continues with the repainting of faded road markings in the area. With just over 75% of the work now complete, we look forward to fresh looking roads that help with the management of traffic and pedestrian safety. Bridge City’s worn road markings posed a danger to vehicles and pedestrians

eTM Attends To Streetlight Maintenance

eTM continues with its commitment to collectively manage public space in Bridge City, with lighting contractor Zethembe Projects, sent to attend to the streetlight maintenance faults reported by the management association. Than-you to the Zethembe team and eTM for attending to this so quickly.
Ideals fashion BC shopping centre

New Fashion Boutique For Bridge City Centre

The Bridge City shopping centre continues to offer more retail offerings, this time, with Ideals fashion store who began trading on 1st March 2018. With the growing foot traffic to the centre and Bridge City as a whole, more offerings are expected to start trading, and the management association will keep you updated.
Bridge City MA Offices

Bridge City Management Association Offices

On the 16 March 2018 the Bridge City Management Association moved into their new office space. The offices are now located on 1st Floor of Bridge City Medical Centre, 8 Nogwaja Road.
Ethekwini development and economic committee decisions press release

eThekwini Economic Development and Planning Committee Decisions

In a positive move by the eThekwini Municipality to “…restore investor confidence…. To retain business and attract more investment to the City”, a Precinct Management Initiative has been approved by the Municipal Economic Development and Planning Committee for full approval by the Municipal Council. This includes an approved R1.8 million grant over three years allocated…

Crime Prevention Focus

Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) is constantly working to improve the safety in Bridge City , employing various tactics to deal with current crime stats. During the festive season 8 crimes in public space were reported (1 contact crime), as well as 6 vehicle accidents. To ensure these stats are reduced the BCMA is working…

Public Hospital scheduled for completion

Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial hospital is due for completion in 2019. The the level 2 public hospital located at Bridge City Mall, is a 500-bed Memorial Hospital which is aimed at alleviating the pressure on surrounding hospitals. The Public hospital is a huge asset to the Bridge City area and will benefit the…