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Do you know the Bridge City Management Association boundaries?

The Bridge City Management Association (BCMA) is collectively responsible for managing public space on behalf of its members/property owners, to create, enhance, and protect the value of property ownership and occupation within Bridge City. We often get asked to carry out tasks in areas outside of our boundaries. In keeping with our rock-solid accountability core…

Pruning our gardens for the Summer rains

We have had a good week of pruning in our precinct, reading our flower beds and center medians for the Summer rains. The team also carried out some alterations to our gardens, replacing soil & adding Dietes Grandiflora.  

Grass cutting and verge maintenance continues in our precinct

The open stand grass cutting continued this week with the Green Africa team cutting in the business estate, Ptn 148 of Erf 8. The team also continued other scheduled work throughout the precinct, including verge maintenance and street sweeping, which the municipal deployed street sweepers greatly assist in.   Pictured above: Before and after sweeping…

It’s all in the detail

Our landscaping team, Green Africa, has begun grass cutting at the open stand, Ptn 150, next to the BP station. Included in our greening this week was a significant amount of street sweeping due to tipper trucks and dirt from various sites dragged onto the streets. The team also focused on the finer details, weeding…

Preparing our gardens for Spring

Never a dull moment with cleaning, greening and maintenance in our precinct. Green Africa have been preparing our area for Spring next month, trimming branches ,turning the soil around tree ring gardens as well as removing plastic and other debris in the tree branches. We can’t wait to see the blooms and new growth.

Dropping the mask and welcoming the buzz of activity from around the globe

July is a milestone in our books. We can finally see the smiles of our friends and co-workers and loosen the grip of fear that held us during the two-year COVID-19 pandemic. July also marks a year since the 2021 riots and looting. In the thick of it we could only see grey but now…

Work in action

Green Africa tidying up our verges and walkways. A positive difference. Grass cutting before and after.

Positive progress on construction within our precinct

Construction in Bridge City is well underway with positive progress being made. We are grateful that the the traffic lights at the corner of Nogwaja Street and Bhejane Street near the hospital entrance have begun operating as a means of traffic calming in the area which is anticipated to see increased traffic volumes as the…

It’s the small things that count

Small problems become big problems overnight and that’s why we are grateful to Green Africa who have undergone some TLC to our area. Outside of road sweeping, the team have been soil turning and removing unwanted weeds from our tree rings and flower beds. Before and after road sweeping in our area.